How To: Start Learning About Salesforce.


I have come across a lot of people who have either heard of Salesforce or have little to no knowledge about what Salesforce does.

Once I talk to them and give them a run down of what Salesforce does and what we do with Salesforce. They almost always want to learn more.

I hear questions like:

  • “I know what CRM is, but where can I learn more?”
  • “My company uses Salesforce, but how can we customize it to suit us?”
  • “How can I automate a few of the processes that we use with Salesforce?”

For most them, here is where I usually start; I hope you would find this useful too.

I also tell folks the following:

If you run into new concepts or need more help, reach out to me; I will be glad to help you.

Which ever city you are in, there is always a Salesforce user group. Reach out to them; attend a few sessions.

Check out meetup group or search “Salesforce user group”.

Keep calm and Salesforce On!

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