Craig Finck

Managing Partner – Chief Executive Officer

  • 20+ years of software development experience.
  • Extensive experience across Sales, Service, and Community Clouds, along with the Platform.
  • Expert architect and developer, with experience delivering solutions of all shapes and sizes, from tiny to the enterprise.
  • Unique vision stemming from experience delivering multiple projects that protect or affect life & limb.
  • Deep understanding of systems integration across numerous backend systems, data stores, and APIs.

About Craig

Together with Yogesh Ramakrishnan and Shastri Sirikonda, Craig Finck co-founded Cyrtene, with a vision to not just deliver cloud software solutions, but to engineer them, and to bring that perspective to clients beyond the enterprise.

Salesforce being Cyrtene’s tool of choice, Craig has focused on soaking up Salesforce knowledge, and is one Cyrtene’s Principal Solutions Architects.  He has extensive and widely varying experience across software projects of all shapes and sizes — from boxed software, to proprietary automation solutions, to home grown SaaS offerings.  And, his knowledge spans multiple verticals in Health Care, Utilities, Government, Education, Pharmaceutical, and beyond.  He is skilled across the full programming stack, and excels at working closely with clients to design great digital products.

Craig has experience with multiple platforms and technologies, and is an excellent mentor. His holistic view of software development, allowed him to create a successful apprenticeship program, where apprentices with zero programming knowledge are now fully employed software professionals.

His approach to the customer is purely collaborative. Leveraging his experience with websites, mobile apps, APIs, data structures, product integrations, IoT technology, and much more, he’s able to take the customers on a journey to success. He believes in the MVP approach (Minimum Viable Product).  Deliver what you really need first, and expand from there. And, his unique experience with multiple start-ups has made him very adept in helping the customer determine just what their MVP is.


Contact Craig

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614 636 2770
315 Auden Ave. Columbus, OH 43215

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