What does it take to become a High Performance EDO

The #1 question that most EDOs ask is “How can I attract new companies?”

The next popular question is “How to retain existing companies?”

The answer I believe is simply depends on

“How best can I serve them?”

Easy enough right, easier said than done, right?

At the heart of this question and the solution for this lies with the simple answer.

“Companies are people. ”

When you are working with companies, you might see their financial data, you might notice their employees and the diversity factors in that area or you might see their growth potential in the area.

However within every company are a set of people who are passionate in their field of work.

What, IMHO, we need to see how how we can you serve the people associated in a company, the founders, the manager, the workers in that organization and see how you can make a difference in their lives.

So, we need to make them feel wanted, IOW, “how you interact with them matters.” How you reach out to them matters. People have this inherent need to feel welcomed and respected and treated special.

When you are dealing with 100s of companies we will tend to loose focus. This is where technology comes to the rescue, Our Software platform built for EDOs brings you closer to what you need to maintain such relationship.

ProDart platform help you navigate this complex relationship between an EDO and a business. We bring EDO and companies together, we define, track and report on those interactions and relationships.

Gone are the days of using Excel and email and post-it notes. ProDart platform gives you the 360 view of your businesses , current and future. So you, the EDO professional, can provide the best possible relationship needed .

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