Load Salesforce Lightning Experience Faster

Load Salesforce Lightning Faster with CDN Settings

For those of us who have adopted the Salesforce Lightning Experience for our day-to-day work, there are some times we feel that Lightning is slower than Salesforce Classic.

If you have felt that, you are not alone. At Cyrtene, we occasionally see it too (it’ll get better as the product matures).

One reason for slowness can be attributed to static content that has to be loaded each and every time we login and navigate between the various Lightning pages. I am talking about content like, images, common JavaScript libraries, GIFs, logos, etc.

Every time a lightning page is loaded, Salesforce servers have to serve these images from their web server – which could take time and processing power, and could lead to longer page load times.

The most common solution that high performance web sites and web applications use, is a CDN( Content Delivery Network).  This is a dedicated service to distribute static content across geographically distributed servers, in order to enable faster page loads.

With the Winter ’19 Salesforce release, comes the ability to enable Akamai CDN for all our Lightning pages. Here is more info on that: https://www.akamai.com/us/en/web-and-mobile-performance.jsp

You can be enable this via the “Cache” setting on the “Session Settings” page.

So got to, Setup -> Search for “session settings” -> Cache Section -> Enable the option: “Enable Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Lightning Component Framework”.

The reason why Salesforce does not enable this by default for all Lightning users is, the setting impacts orgs which have IP range restrictions enabled.

This does not impact Lightning Communities. It only impacts the non-community users of the Lightning Platform.

By enabling this option, we have definitely noticed better page load times and response times.

Hope this helps you too.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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