Cyrtene Knows The Company

Cyrtene stands for knowledge.

Knowledge to engineer effective solutions.
Knowledge to use the most appropriate technology.
Knowledge to deliver...

Salesforce development and administration. Cloud solutions. SaaS solutions. Custom development.

Cyrtene was founded by a group of highly experienced software professionals.
Professionals that understand the entire process from conception to launch to post-launch maintenance and support.
Combined, we have over 60 years of experience in a wide array of technologies.

Cyrtene Knows The Process

It isn't too hard to find a company that offers development services.
But, all too often, that's all they do. Write some code, configure a few settings and deliver their work.
They do it without an understanding of why the chosen technology may or may not be an appropriate fit.
Without an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the solution.
Without being able to explain the decision points to their customer, and how it will affect utility, branding, timing and the bottom line.

At Cyrtene, we view our clients as partners.
We are on this journey together.
To deliver the most effective solution that fulfills the need.

Together, we’ll select, design, implement, and scale the solution that best meets your strategic needs.
We'll enable your people with training and tools to maximize adoption.
And we'll be there to support you as you grow and change.

Cyrtene Knows The Vision

Creating software is an engineering process.
It doesn't happen overnight.

At Cyrtene, we will...

Hire the best and the brightest, and treat them as such.
Encourage the craft.
Encourage the process.

Use the process to build exceptional applications
Improve our customers' relationships and boost engagement.
Build the foundation for their IT strategy so they can be successful.
Leave every project in better state than which we found it.

And, have some fun along the way

Our Services

Custom Application Development

Applications that leverage cloud infrastructure. Software as a Service solutions. Custom built web applications using modern technologies. And, migration of legacy applications to modern architectures.

Salesforce Consulting

We specialize in Salesforce Implementations, Data Migration & Integration, Force.com Development, Salesforce Communities, Salesforce Automation, and Heroku

Cyrtene Knows Salesforce

Corporate Training

We provide custom training to quickly empower companies on Cloud and n-tier technologies. We have the ability to provide training either in-person or over the web.

The Dream Team

Yogesh Ramakrishnan

Yogesh Ramakrishnan

Managing Partner / CMO
Salesforce Certfied
Shastri Sirikonda

Shastri Sirikonda

Managing Partner / CFO
Salesforce Certfied
Craig Finck

Craig Finck

President / CEO
Salesforce Certfied

Connect With Cyrtene

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  (614) 636-2770


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